Army Presentation re: 3rd Brigade Combat Team Detainee Cage Operations Operation Iraqi Freedom

Army Presentation re: 3rd Brigade Combat Team Detainee Cage Operations Operation Iraqi Freedom. Standard Operating Procedure and Forms for Detention, including staffing, intake, detainee property, detainee rules (no speaking, no written communication), and medical treatment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


3rd Brigade Combat Team Detainee Cage Operations 'ERATION IRAQI FREEDOM
he Classification Level of this Briefing is:

DODDOA 027182


R. Overview 3inee Holding Facility Operations

Detainee Procedures

Tactical HUMINT Team SOP

Military Police Holding Facility SOP

• Example Detainee Packets "s / Lessons Learned

DODDOA0271 83

Freedom Dam
Sahl Sinjar Airfield

273 Km of Syrian Border
17 Km of Turkish Border
22 Manned Border Forts
2 x Authorized Border Crossings

Rabiah (Iraq-Syria)
Harbor Gate (Iraq-Turkey)
125 Km of Oil Pipeline
20,000(+) Km 2 of Zone


DODDOA027 184

Detainee Flow

tement) )rity =orm
Tall Afar Airfield (3BCT Holding Facility)

3t3CT Detainee Holding Facility
36CT VcIenhon Focihiy

Procedures MP/Medical in-processing Cl/HUMINT Screening Report CIIR Generated HUMINT TM Recommendation OMT Recommendation BCT Staff Recommendation Memo
101st ABN DIV (AASLT) Detainee Holding Facility
Procedures MP/Medical in-processing Cl/HUMINT Screening CI IR Generated Review Board G2/G3/SJA/PM0



tainee Holding Facility Layout

130111 wall C]pntine

iBCT Detention Facility -1
On the Ba nc 0 mat
—.___ t vcr
Triple slrancl
cOncert in a wire ---, "
_ 2 _...-¦

Berm vi al I ___
..,---- k"---, lamp
—1 ,--- / -.... N
,7 ..." Interi 0a !oil

Main Cage living Ai ea
50 eel

Triple strand \
concertina wire


miter woe
Jeeps to build t le case: .-_Triple strand Guard 2 rolls of concertina wire to
\ concertin0 tower collect the cages
1—÷\. str0[1(1"k,„

GP Small
light inside of the GP small
colic cal OR wire

for uiJit inten .o2ation
Gluier wilt

seeds for housing D coinees. i"3c iii r •all in0ln esses Mood floor
0 wool blankets
Guard TowerLatrine Questioning Tent

DODDOA 027186


27 Jul; 2.'03
a capturing unit has numerous require revints to ensure that rocess
titian Provisional Forces Apprehension Form ed out ensunng all sections in yellow are complete The This area as critical es it allows for precise questioning of
.2823 (Swam Statement) from the soldiers who detained •of Ilia capture/apprehension and the persons involved. I the details of the reasons for the capture and the capture
Carl unhg unit will inventoiy the detainee's items, and
:ening Report Tlus is only if the unit has a THT present
to F,PW Capture Tog (DD2746)• Ther lag must be ice epied ua the Bilgade Cage nosed with the detainee to the Brigade Cage. The Brigade use documents are not filled out completely, neatly and
iressure bandages over their eyes and within covered reropution of a•heie they are and to prevent others Dom fhis is both to and from the Brigade Cage. All detainees .retarrogation is not authorized at any other location within
to the Cage, the Cage will notify both Assurgara 70C col Team (ACT)(581-3111). The ACT will then iver Team (OMT)10 send a Tactical HUMINT Team te detainees, if this was not done previously.
:cle• the CPFAF and DA 2823 The THT will (hen td to the Division Cage (Grid LF338718) The THT will it to the Brigade Cage. The paperwork at this lime W11.11
b DA 2823

Screening repoil
d DA 4137 of the detainee's items
e EPW Cap[ure Tag (n)746)

The THT inspect all the paperwork al that time, ensunng that all the necessary items are present lo get the detainee into the Division Cage
5. Upon verification o f the pipet -moil:being complete by the T1-17:
a The Brigade Cage will notify AssuigainTOC that the detainees have the proper
paperwork and are able to be t MRS faired.

b. Assaigam TOC will coordinate to have the detainees sent to the Division Cage. A ssurgaroTOC will notify tieivision Cage (581-0972), attention MSC Robins or MSG Beaty,

the! there are detainees en route. They will provide the number, gender, and type of offenses to either MSG Iran simian delivers the detainees, the Division Cage MPs must be called and asked lo meet the aircraft to bans-port the detainees.

The TNT will call the Cl Cage (581-951 1), and email their reports lo the Cage to allow
them time to prepare for the .

uttenngai ion. This ensures that the IviPs running the cage and the inlarrogaiois within the cage are prepared for the detainees' anived
Detainees will be delivered to the Division Cage, using a one guard per three detainees.
Unless it irsrolves an aircraft transfer, then tie ratio will be one guard. par Iwo detainees A
hrlsionComplele Repoli willbe submitted to RAK TOC when the delivery mission is

Detainees who are screened a! the Brigade Cage and ale without intelligence value will be recommended to R_AK 2 for release. RAK 2 will take that recommendation, along with his recommendation, and present it to FLAK 3 or RAK 5 for apprwalldisapproval If apploved, FLAK TOC will notify Aosuigarn TOC The capturing unit wilt also be notified and be directed to rattan the detainee lo the point ofcapture.

The 'point of contact for this is CPT2111101 5811111b, PA





DO DDOA027 187

-11.4F11T4:f I1E I
-21) .:iiia
j•Ltallrf- kt , 7. 11. t9,1S.• .:1
I. le I.oe The .7, •{l l]
iiit eisrtim.c.11e:o..7uilli. ripe.
or3 Ili eeir•
iecer.-e tl-tunes, iiel
!1 E-11.11.111-1f

.iin=tod•T. the 011.1be

•:7 viuds • lifLP


, r1 It. the BC.:P up the D.le".1 l_r EL The .pisild FOP:* V:111 l.t ¦ L4Elc ILL th.; 171.1L311.1,.rn
.p ruin; p er pipe h -tti,n,•._PP An•reheirloe Form illkd SI ',term:m.1i lioni the o"pruing /137 int.rentortJ of I he dt'thiner...S 11uti5 -110D
2745 (Capture Taps), and a screening report if detame es came flow. a battalion with a THT lithe captured personnel are florae battalion not augmented with a TET, they will not have a screening report. The Brigade 71-IT team is resporsilole for screening these personnel. lithe paperwork is nussuig or incomplete, the detainee will not be accepted into the Brigade Cage and the capturing unit is responsbie the guarding the detainees until the corrected paperwork arrives and is approved. The SOG will notify Vulture CP if the paperwork is incomplete.
4. The SOC is responsible for the inventory °fail property and evidence that 04COmperues the detainee, and is required to count any money received with himiher and d.ocuinent that amount on the DA 4137. Once the full onmntory is complete, the SOC, will sign the property/evidence and properly bag, tag and secure it in a locked container The SOO will ensure that documentation is provided on the DA 4137 for every person that handles the propertylevadence, and will uwentory the items against the farm anytime
he evidence is returned. When the detainees are released or transferred to the Division Central Collection Point (DCCP), the evidence and property noll be signed over to the Iranspoding unit.
The respons5oilitieS of the guards are. adhere to the three General Orders, special met ructions, and to silence, segregate, secure and safeguard the detainees. The detainees are not permitted to speak to each other or conduct wntten communication They will be segregated according to gender, age, end intelligence value. if !here are female or juvenile detainees us the BCP, they will be retained in the alternate detention facility. Also, if the Brigade c 'Mitres a HVT, they will be separated and kept in the alteinate detention facility

The BCE', at a minimum, will have two guards and an SOO. They will maintain. 360°.. coverage et all times.

Upon arrival of detainees, the unit transporting the prisoners will provide security until they are searched end placed in the living Etna. Detainees willbe removed from the vehicle one ata time by two soldiers and escorted into the reception area The escort team will then search the detainee There will be a soldier in overwatch while the detainee is being searched, with his weapon in weapons condition Amber The escorifsearch team will wear Kevlar, IBA and rubber gloves during the search. The guards will wear Keviat, IBA and weapon

S. Detainees willbe.fneclic ally screened byCI52§F.51:s in t he r ec eptionarea. Any prescription rnedicaliOn will be maintained and e.d.ministered by the guards Should more serious medical problems erase, Cf66 will be notified and the guards will transport this detainee to 01626's hanger and provide security until hefshe is released back to the BC?.
9. Once the detainee" are fully processed and all paperwork completed. they will be
flexteulTed with hands in front of them, issued a bottle of water, a non-pork or el Hilal IvIRE (wilh healer and matches removed), a blanket, a mattress and a jumpsuit After all


DODDOA027 188


unIrTut9. or 11,, :u.;11.- 1J1 Fol rut
19 Thee faellgy is devigned to hold delaineeS for approximately one week. If a detainee
remains in the BCP up to 5 days, he will take a shower under the supervision of a guard
}vile] I 110 , 31:t 011 in the facility provided for them. A. wash station is also piovided within the Living area of
the ECP.
t 3,t l.tqlot,;ft
211. Vulture CP will call RakTOC with a detainee repoti at 1500 daily with the number
of detainees, projected departure time d and any special situations
21 The FOC for tills memorandum is the undersigned at Vulture CP.

LT, MP Platoon Leader
7. 111 .2 2.1.2
.:222 ¦ IP‘12., 112 .i.•2)Cf121 It
Ir.:. ;
tkill ¦ fht
1-N.poi.n rijLixt th.E. It

10,:4101L (if .3 , 11:11 1.1 1:. : ,...!dm.ittcru. will be Ot.7 , 1t1r? r:012 2 1:.1.12 ,1) it it-;lI1IaJe 115111 the C ¦ r.t
ont :irttud if it 1,-.?1112 -1 111
it tt:;,:th q 1J ...1 4R

,11 [Is- F51112 uul v•iih II j.i.lJtI ovei It Fe , tianz ¦ 0.5 Its- C-:- L1Z1IFeiI Ii R.1I.Sci udo 1k, to .: 13 I 11 r.-11

DODDOA 027189


"viclualsweie picked up by the Sinja.r police on. false acNsatichis.
N'ES rls were together anti capture at the Sallie tore underlie smile Cape
dice Lthderfaise alietymans
Kudish alf1111111.11P0/31411t PORI. Marital Kurdish Education: 5"1. Gra t alivion! Sunni Muslim a and knoth hi the Beath Party: IVA Current Political
HQ ar Arlail
cd Detainees after an individual from Sinjar made false allegaton
rung or possessing weapons to attack the coalition forces After
was search and the only weapons found were 2 AK47. Attu an
rid interrogation firm the Coalition Forces it was determined that
nothing to do with attacks against the Coalition Forces it turned
I purpose of recuperating an amount of money that they paid for a

brained using the direct approach Detainee was very helpful and malice that were doing thee rob. rmed to the local police to be released
reproaches Location irnen-ctitor
Sager Rinie Si SS
11,371 &UV Si S

:3 .'iPlIrl.11111i21 211113
!III 1 1 e1:1111 , •1• li n r r1111111i i i1S
tiorld I i.enniini•nds the frilliivim.! d•ldiner• in lie ral•aseil rri Cohinal fru
l'illEY$4111[i111110 110.1.11 ,1.11111110.11,1thlri:
11.1 Ali 13 , , 1,1 "No¦ kla Iii
is SII•InPril•11 of tlIyiny .11111 111:i[111illY :111,11t,.rhe
.11,1 Ihr..5,111. 111.111 crin1.1.ul.1;11. 1.. i/l..Biaj.
W1,411111,1 SI1111 •441•1. A111.1 ill] III I 11;4irrilin ir irecorrir (14,1. hr
nils .all 01111 ar1•11.1:4[11ill W;ls 111111111A11 , 41 qp a family Ili5,11.1(r. .

Vrf_itl 1. 'NA
tildl I
an of how many times the th:Isvlorssal Has been questiowd




'Training Use Only)
von anti Record mina-omen!
.. CIIR 101-311.002O-01 , 00110r5yrian Ir LeIl101 l O Serdre Collecting Ay bolsi COalejOn FOI[es
CDR 101•311-00-230010
FOUO (For Training Only)
RFL 10 irrcr
THT 20
20031WD 02210
I ExlernaI1r111uence DIV PIR rdial siale•supporled andfor Int ern allrOriall grOups pose a !Unreal lo 11 le emerging goyetrimeni • iollasiruclure and Coalition Forces In the I 01s1 AOR/ Wria1 are thoil routes Is inilitrare and ehodus]
Syrian Irderii0enre Service ColierON
ir Training Use Only)

(For Training Use Only)
SurriniarY Slow viii 01110 AnCP and SeCurtly Tomes ale cOheohng 1n IEIIlgerl[p aboul CoatitiOn Fdrres try Chili:runny Ht.rsurrY toifecuon riom oad1 riiiiens roomed rn 5rtia
C.aiepory of Repoli
RedulrerneniPilerity Rating .
Tar iet
Taudel pal ion or focriliy Sr oi Vanigauan Of
LaSt 100010
FirStNaine . LL10k
Middle Marne. LINK
FriOnehr .

0 aollry ; arrlltf Warne mayor's Olfire a Tope . Oneernnien1 Office 0000norion . Hawse goYarnars house
Qi iijailrzalion 0 1 erne . Synen Intel Service O rgehlZahtth Type Foreign 00yernmenr Irtielf0ence Service Do ciiption Syrian inieniuence Sendce3 Coneclino Nal on X115 Forces POSSIttYLISIng Ina Vyiian bolder guard as Fr unnr. alinn
Individual Source Yes
0010616h Of Sour te .F • ReliatiM cinenE tie lUd2ed
Source ID Number .
information Pi iDlidbillty. . 6 • Trulh cannot be ludoed
Information 0 ale (YVry1.I Mom__ 20030021
Last Dale of FicdlilSrlIon (YYYY111.100)....... 20031223

Reharl. .. On applOYdrnately 23 Augesi 2003. an individusi was detained by Syrian security forces Ih Hasika 03ridc0ord: 375 FAS6 3.11i) and quellIOned regarding COSIGLIn Forces The Individual does n011einember the esaCI dale Of 111e Incident He only knew II was nefore the 23rd or August neeauselhal ,ros the dale printed On a Lon.sil sward he Carrie d ih his nolebook This individual sells rneir handise in kat arpr (Gridcoord. 12002 oder purchase in Syria. The Iasi lune Me
(For Training Use Only)


DODDOA 0271 91


r Training Use Only)
onlerea Syria ms aPprolmalely 16 Augilal 2001 is purchase inert haodise. Allor being in Sr la for ono Wei*,
lie was apprehended by Srlan bonier guards and detained
in the Mayor's building in Hasr•a The indiribloal was
interrogated for approximately lyt'o hours by a Srlan eeicurrtv Sennce onkel named This is itraibanff a raise
n arno. The !tool believed That was the chief Of Se(Ufiry
for Haslka. I-re did nut explain why he lhoLight Ibis The
Iraqi ctliyen was asked by about ine location of
Coalition forces (CF). asked rot names and activities of Cr irommanders. location of CF quahtals, and q.$sbons 3bOLA the CS main force. He was further quesliOnad about the rturnber or CF, uvluan guides, effort/IONS lo Use CF, and !he names or IOC al PD14: members The Iraqi was asked lo proode names and home addresSeS of inlarpieters working fw CS He was also presented namo_5 and asked ri he anew unveil' them This fterSen claims he did nal LTIONY a ny of the
names pro Sewed. He Via slates Mal 114 does not rerneinner elrf, of the narns-5 given Slated Ina! Ines kne,o that CF uflenwenl to the hose Of
!he sheikh of 1-:alamya Tbts Iraqi ciliaen slaleil lo
that he did nollenow anything aboU!CF asked NM If ha visited the h °Me DI used to be Saridarms cowls E•IGIr In SYII3 SI@ t currently lisieS in No village of N as Syria The Iraqi did nrirl explatn what [roe of counselor yin s Tie staled that he did no!
•,•6j1 arid was attuned bfa of Oeind A Ira1101 to !fag bon use he aid not sr5 .0efOrfl being released. leis keg' was roll to return to Syrian security
serote before departing Syria The tram Wed the country immediately. leaving all his merchandise and not returning W Syrian security. He was contacted tale! by his cousin who le:es in Syria Rnd told that he ;you'd be anesled 11 he
to Syii, Tnis bog 'leeks ni.5 If Is In dander. but did not request prelection Froin F. He was Inibught to the main g als.Ailorher reslisertl df xatanlya Fie is available rod
l2[OniAC1..COMPI,menled INDIvIOLIAL for corning ro1i12 CF. for being a patriOt bah and for pr WarnQ Ifill:1•OilaN1 InfOrrnation !hirer oevrer explained that CF unNid [Detect fins iraoi again and asked rills wanted anytreng from CF The irski [Mixon declined arty protection Or remuneration
Soune is a hrsl-brne reoonet. Reliabtlh cannot be Judger]. Source Is a Sunni Nab male. Source Is ahihtOaamhtett years ofd. Source is evadable for townie(!. ReiiabiUry cannot he determined
For Unit Use

(For Training Use gniy)
Label .
Description ..
Fire Name

FOLIO rouo
(For Training Use Only)
ir Training Use Oily)


ElOffense against Coalition Forces [check one] If "Other" then describe:
Violation of Curfew ]Trespass on Military installation or Facility
Illegal Possession of Weapon 1 Pholographing/Surveilling Military Installation or Facility
Assault/Attack on Coalition Forces Obstructing Performance of Military Mission
Theft of Coalition Force Property Other

Apprehending Unit: I Location Grid: Date of Incident: (D/M/Y) Time of Incident: Date of Report: (DIMLY) Time of Report: / / to / / hrs to hrs / / his
Detainee # Key Connected Person: Victim [ Witness
Last Name: Last Name:
First Name: Given Name: First Name: Given Name:
Hair Color: Scars/Tattoos/Deformities: Hair Color: Scars/Tattoos/Deformities:

Eye-Color: Weight: lb 'Height: in Eye-Color: Weight: lb )Height: in
Address: Address:
Place of Birth: Place of Birth:
Ethn/Tribe/ Sex: Phone#: Ethn/Tribe/ Sex: Phone#:
Sect: DOB DIMLY: I 'Mobile Sect: M DOB DIMLY: Mobile

I JP I Regular I IF I 'Regular Passport Dr. license 1. JOther (specify) Passport [ IDr. license , Other (specify) Document #: Document #: Total Number of Persons Involved (list names/ident Eying info on reverse under "Additional Helpful Information")
Vehicle Information Vehicle Number of Vehicle(s) TOwner:
Make: Color: VIN:
Model: Type: Plate No.: INumber of People in Vehicle:
Year: Names of People in Vehicle:
Contraband/Weapons in Vehicle:

Property/Contraband Weapon Photo Taken of Suspect with Weapon/Contraband: Yes/ No
Type: Model: Color/Caliber:
Serial No.: 'Quantity: 'Make: Receipt Provided to Owner: Yes/ No
Other Details: Where Found: Owner:

Name of Assisting Interpreter: Email, Phone, or Contact Info:

Detaining Soldier's Name Supervising Officer's Name
{Print): {Print):
Last, First MI Last, First Ml

Signature: Signature:
Email: Email:
Unit Phone: Date: Unit Phone: Date:


DODDOA 027192

How was this person traveling (car, bus, on foot)?
Who was with this person?
What weapons was this person carrying?
What contraband was this person carrying?
What other weapons were seized?
What other information did you get from this person?
Additional Helpful Information:
0 01779
DODDOA 027193
DODDOA027 194


121,10V 03
or Detainee ¦ I rl I I!i rliE El
allowing detainee detained by 8/2-187" on 11 i Baba Wahabi .b•r -qii?t L...1 •LJ ,'LI (•. II,'
lements from 2.1871.11 INF for firing at a US convoy s that he bred a shot at a would-be thief. not at lace/ poitceman who is authorized to carry a
Ilitian Forces did not return fire Detainee is lying of hy Paid er2, US farces did re turn fire
7 be released
Garrett-Patton, CI/HUMINT section, 581
4.0111011.11.10.1 CVV2, USA CI Tech OMT 1..1 !I":, zi.. 1, 1111.: II 1 lrr.CC % SIM.' Ex
, •.01 .11 L7,11111.; F01111.11 j •


DODDOA0271 95

TTPs &Lessons Learned
1:errnining Truth from Fiction
JN: Personal Vendettas against different c groups caused influx of bogus reporting from rrogators and S2's created litmus test before acting )rts. However, once you found someone giving info it own clan/ethnic group (Kurd on Kurd or Arab on sport by itself held more weight.
ENDATION: Tactical patience is critical when taking letain host nation personnel during BASO. It's more an a Science, and usually learned after the unit w mistakes.



1-1-Ps & Lessons Learned
king of detainees CD
N: etainees lost in the system due to number/misspelling . abic Names racking Detainees above division and retrieving interrogation its was very difficult
o routine system for the Iraqi public to contact detainees or status of loved one within the system \DATION: PW Tag number is the sole tracking device (needs to be mated down to platoon level) atabase management within the AOR 'se EPW Tag (portion C) as a hand receipt for family fibers. Provide local police with roll up of detainees. Citizens
card to police and receive detainee status. Facilitate munication through red crescentired cross mailbox at the :e station clarification of detainee tracking responsibilities across the v (is the Si the right choice by doctrine?)
DODDOA027 197

TTPs & Lessons Learned
°operation and liaison with local law aforcement agencies.
ION: Releasing detainees of no intelligence value to )cities for repatriation empowers local government criminals turned over to local authorities and do detention facilities which are reserved for anti-ersonnel p olice should have visibility on where detained
citizens are within the system
ENDATION: Keep strong positive relationships kivic leadership. Avoid empowering tribal Sheiks hem the information directly
DODDOA027 198

TTPs &Lessons Learned
qainee review/release procedures at BDE level.
JN: 3BCT's review process prevented ry incarcerations and inadvertent release of
intelligence value. At times a detainee from one :dor affected working relationships with host nation n other sectors within the 3BCT and or Division
review process enhanced the BDE Cdr's ability to nd maintain order throughout the AG.
ENDATION: Processing detainees for release or to higher should be a green tab decision with staff iation.

DODDOA0271 99

TTPs &Lessons Learned
PR Net Access to Battalion Level Units.
DN: Once Secret network was established at
non doctrinal) detainee operations were more

e. Ability to pass intelligence traffic and questions
)prehending unit to the interrogators increased and decreased amount of time a detainee spent at
ENDATION: Establish a Secret "digital bridge" to or both Operations and Intelligence traffic

rn g):

r— Xi CD
m y 0 5-5 5
r-Do =3.
cr^ cts,









1 786

71{0 DODDOA 027200