Army Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation on Force Protection Concerns - 800th MP BDE Initiatives

Powerpoint presentation about Geneva Convention issues and detainee concerns.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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800th MP BDE
(Based on IG Findings and
CG Guidance)

Geneva Convention Issues

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All security detainee/EPW facilities now have multiple copies of the Geneva Convention in Arabic.

Detainees provided the opportunity to fill out an ICRC contact card during processing.

All facilities have contracted meals.

Detainees currently receive credit for work hours
performed, typically extra cigarettes.

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800th MP Bde Facilities

At Baghdad Central, detainee reps instructed on reaction to mortar fire and constructed low level sand bag walls.

Entrance way redesigned with greater stand-off and S-weave. Third entrance/exit being designed.

Guardmount conducted daily.

Two additional 50 Cals used for force protection.

82^d ABN now responsible for external force protection.

SOPs are at all facilities.

Detainee Concerns
800th MP Bde Facilities

Two satellite phones received for detainee calls.
Requested four additional phones.

Detainees issued wash basin, towel, clothes, underwear, personal hygiene items. Second set of clothing on order.

Cigarettes are used as rewards for work.

Prayer rugs and Korans provided.

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Detainee Concerns
Detainee Concerns
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sooth MP Bde Facilities

Detainees issued a receipt for all confiscated property. Money is counted and annotated on the receipt.

Detainees sign a copy of the receipt and inventory of property conducted appropriately.

Notification to Finance to provide the required amount of cash for each detainee upon their release.

Large sums of cash seized as evidence will be turned over t finance for accountability. (Coordinating with finance)



Detainee Concerns
800th MP Bde Facilities

• Winterization
—Wood floors installed in all tents within 30 days.

—Plastic sheets are being tested around tents.
—Wool blankets/winter clothes delivered within 10 days.
Iraqi Guard Concerns

800th MP Bde Facilities

• CPA notified of the following concerns:

Lack of uniforms (on order).

Lack of sidearms (CPA will not issue sidearms to all corrections officers).

Pay issues. $60 is the current monthly pay rate.

Detainee Concerns
800th NAP. Ede Facilities.•
Medical, health, morale: —Sick call conducted daily.

Hospital on site at Baghdad Central.

Korans provided —CERP. funds earmarked for morale items. —Preventive medicine inspections conducted by Brigade

Medical Service Officer.