Army Memo re: Talking Points on Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse

Army memo providing talking points emphasize Abu Ghraib abuse, stressing the abuse was an aberration that will be fixed.

Non-legal Memo
Sunday, May 15, 2005

Abu Ghraib:

On 14 January 2004, a criminal investigation was initiated to examine allegations of detainee abuse at the Baghdad Correctional Facility at Abu Ghraib.

Shortly thereafter, the commanding general of Combined Joint Task Force Seven requested a separate administrative investigation into systemic issues such as command policies and internal procedures related to detention operations.

That administrative investigation is complete. Although the criminal investigation remains underway, charges have been brought against six military personnel for offenses including conspiracy, dereliction of duty, cruelty and maltreatment, assault, and indecent acts with another.

Evidence of the abuse included photographs of several service members at the prison engaged in various acts of abuse with detainees, some with sexual overtones.

Talking Points:

We are committed to treating all persons under coalition control with dignity, respect and humanity. Coalition personnel are expected to act appropriately, humanely, and in a manner consistent with the Geneva Conventions.

The coalition takes all reports of detainee abuse seriously, and all allegations of mistreatment are investigated vigorously.

The military is a values-based organization committed to the respect of the international laws of armed conflict.

The events alleged to have occurred at Abu Ghraib would represent aberrations and, if proven, unacceptable. This is not how we do business, conduct detainee operations, or train our servicemembers.

CJTF-7 and the Army are investigating what happened at Abu Ghraib. We are going to find out what went wrong and we are going to fix it.

C 09586
DOD 007545