Army Memo re: Table of Maximum Period of Pre-Trial Dentention for Minor Offenses

This single page document is a list of maximum period of time to detain an Iraqi civilian for minor offenses. The document is undated.

Non-legal Memo
Sunday, January 30, 2005

Table Of Maximum Period of Pre-Trial Detention for Minor Offenses
Unless earlier tried, released, bound over for trial by competent Iraqi judicial authority, or further
detained on order of a Coalition Forces General Officer commander, civilians detained for the .following offenses will be detained no longer than the periods specified:
Offenses Maximum Period of Pre-Trial Detention
Curfew Violations 24 1Hours
Speeding/Other Traffic Violationss 24 Hours
Discharge of Weapon in City Limitss 10 Days
Drunk and Disorderlys 10 Days
Interference with Mission Accomplishment
By Violating Lawful Order of Coalition
Soldier in the Performance of Official Dutiess 14 Days
Petty Theft (Theft of. Item. of Value of 520 or less.) s 14 Days .
Simple Assaults 14 Days

DODDOA 013409