Army Memo re: Reported Mistreatment of a Detainee

Incomplete account of detainee abuse. Pages are missing and the document is not complete. The detainee claimed that the guard made threatening gestures, shined a light in his eyes.

Non-legal Memo
Saturday, April 24, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

REG X, Please pass the attached CDR's Inquiry to CP .Let her know that I completed this
inquiry within 24 hours of the event and have passed th supporting Sworn Statements / exhibits to 1-23.
Bottom Line, after being read his rights the soldier admitted to the offense. Please pass any questions to
me, and let her know I would like to execute justice (Summary Court) as soon as possible. Thank you. A6
24 April 2004
MEMORANDUM FOR CDR, 1-23 IN BN (SBCT) (b)((o) Z_ SUBJECT: Findings and recommendation RE PV2
(3/A/5-20) and his reported mistreatment of a prisoner on the evening of 23 APR 2004
1. On 23 APR 04, A/5-20 IN conducted a cordon and search for BN TGTIIII. NM
a known criminal in the Village of Ash Shurah. Although
)(.(r') L'_.-. a dry ole for_

a thorough search of the residence by 2/N5-20 produced the following:
1 x RPG launcher (excellent condition)

1 x RPG HE rocket

1 x RPG booster

1 x submachine gun (Port-Said 9mm; Egyptian)

1 x can of 14.7mm, AP ammo

In light of this contraband, the undersigned (CDR/A/5-20 IN) made the decision to detain ararabrother _
Although not suspected of any crime in(10)(4i_
particular, the presence of contra and. in the residence justified detainment, and it was
the undersigned's intention to further question the brother on the whereabouts /
activities ofirafaia
2. Accordingly, on 23 APR 04_as questioned by 1-23 IN BN's THT. This
questioning did not generate any sign) icant information. With this in mind, the undersigned made the decision to return the detainee to his residence after an additional attempt to persuade family to turn-in Excerpt from the undersigned's 23 April 04 Blue 2 Report follows:
Conducted Armed Recon to the house of _IOT set the conditions for the release of_s brother (Bluff: Parents informed that their youngest son (suspected possession of an RPG-7) could receive up to 30 years in prison if
(0(6)1_ found guilty. Parents told if they turned-in their oldest son, we would release their youngest (Note: We will release the youngest by 1700 tomorrow regardless).
(6 (Ott
3. 24 1530 APR 04, 2/A prepared to return _
to his residence. As the detainee was being packaged for transport, PSG/2/
_(SFC_ noticed(_ that he was crying. When questioned, the detainee revealed t a e ad been mistreated by one of the guards on the evening of 23 APR 04. Specifically, the detainee claimed that the guard made threatening gestures, shined a light in his eyes,