Army Memo re: Interview of Military Intelligence OIC Bagram, Afghanistan

Army Questionnaire: Questions for the Military Intelligence OIC Bagram, Afghanistan concerning his observations and experience in dealing with detainees, training before deployment and Rules of Engagement. The questionnaire appears to be in response to the accusations of detainee abuse and an effort to elicit information on the matter.

Non-legal Memo
Thursday, February 12, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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CJTF180-IG 12 February 2004
SUBJECT: Interview of Military Intelligence OIC, 1LT and MAJ Bagram, 12 Feb 04
1. The CJTF180 IG interviewed the Joint Intelligence Facility OIC and asked these questions
Q: Do you know that War crimes, including mistreatment of enemy prisoners of war, violations of the Geneva Conventions, and atrocities are a Category 1 Serious Incident Report? AR 190-40 Appendix B1 B-lb.
A: Yes, there were two incidents where CJSOTF injured a PUC and it was reported.
Q: Who would initiate the SIR?
A: It would go to higher and they would report it. Once we had a PUC with thin skin on his nose and the goggles caused his nose to bleed.
Q: Did you train on level B law-of-war training (Level B training is conducted in units for officers, warrant officers, NCOs and enlisted personnel commensurate with the missions of the unit) based on the current missions and contingency plans (including anticipated geographical areas of deployment or rules of engagement)? AR 350-1 para 4-14c.(2) and table G-1 Refresher training, dated 9 April 2003
A: Yes, had classes by correspondence in the Captain's course. No formal training. I do not know if the soldiers received it or didn't receive it.
Q: Where do you maintain your training records?
A: 415TH MI BN. I don't think that they are here. CPT the 221 st MI Company Commander might know.
Q: If a detained person refuses to answer your questioning can you? Can you threaten the Detainee? Can you insult the Detainee?
A: We cannot threaten them with physical bodily harm. Can't threaten him with his family. We can use indirect threats and innuendo
Q: Do you believe that you are required to report acts of poor treatment of prisoners or detainees/PUCs?
A: Yes. The JIF OIC, MAJ reported violations on a PUC to J2 and J2 reported it to J3 and a 15-6 investigation was done.
Q: Do you know whom you could report violations of prisoner's rights to?
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SUBJECT: Interview of MI OIC, Bagram, 12 Feb 04
A: It has not happened while I was here. I would initiate an inquiry and tell the
MPs here. I would go to J2 or the senior interrogator. The senior interrogator
monitors interrogations and would make an on-the-spot correction.

Q: Have you any knowledge .or ever witnessed anyone murder anyone?
A: No.
Q: Have you any knowledge or ever seen anyone torture or beat anyone?
A: No.
Q: Can you describe the Safety Position?
A: It is not used in the MI Booth. We don't use it here.
Q: Can you describe the Fear Up approach?
A: Disrespect for the Koran. Insult the PUC, throw a chair inside a room. Have
a room upstairs with spotlights. Turn on music very loud, under constant
supervision of a MP guard. Tell the PUC he is going to go to GITMO
(Guantanamo Bay, CubaO. Raise the tone of voice of the interrogator or the

Q: Can you describe Pride and Ego down?
A: Tell the detainee that he-is not a good soldier or a good Muslim. This is authorized in FM 34-52. Can't insult the PUC directly
Have you any knowledge or ever seen anyone deprive a PUC of their 5 senses? If so, why and for how long? Goggles and earmuffs are not used for deprivation. We will give light and sound for many days. We will pull his orange hat down during screening.

Have you any knowledge or seen anyone cruelly treat or degrade a PUC?

A: Female interpreters are used as an approach. The process of interrogation is to degrade a PUC. We do not degrade a PUC for the sole purpose of degrading.
Q: How do you treat PUCs or detainees? Good/Fair/Poor?
A: Good
Q: Has anyone ever taken a picture of a PUC?
A: This is strictly forbidden. MPs would jump all over me. In 2002 Combat Camera came in and took photos. General Harrell took classified photos for training back at Fort Huachuca.
Q: Describe mild physical contact.
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CJTF180-IG SUBJECT: Interview of MI OIC, Bagrarn, 12 Feb 04
A: We do not do that here. We want to keep distance between the interrogator and the PUC. During interrogation, hoods are not used. Goggles are used in isolation. But I haven't seen it done.
Q: How long can you interrogate someone.
A: We don't use prolonged standing, we don't use dogs. In September 2003, Fort Huachuca sent instructors over here and gave strategic debriefing course. Fort Huachuca teaches EPW interrogators. Interrogations are professional and monitored. We have a problem that we are so restricted that we cannot use techniques to get intelligence from PUCs and that we are ineffective. This is a
2. POC is the undersigned at
MAJ, IG CJTF180 Inspector General

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3. DA IG