Army Memo re: Interview of Gereshk Detention Facility Commander

Army Questionnaire: Questions for the Commander of the Gereshk Detention Facility concerning his observations and experience in dealing with detainees, training before deployment and Rules of Engagement. The questionnaire appears to be in response to the accusations of detainee abuse and an effort to elicit information on the matter.

Non-legal Memo
Sunday, February 22, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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CJTF I80-IG 22 February 2004
SUBJECT: Interview of Gereshk Detention Facility Cdr 19, 20 Feb 04
1. The-CJTF180 IG interviewed the Gereshk ODA Cdr and asked these questions
Q: Do you have a unit SOP to take, handle, and care for prisoners/detainees/PUCs?
A: Yes.
Q: How soon do you hand over PUCs to MPs?
A: 72 hours.
Q: Is mistreatment of a PUC a Serious Incident Report (SIR)?
A: It would be. SF is watching to keep control. Guards would be briefed to report it.
Q: Did your unit train on Law of War prior to deploying or during deployment?
A: Yes, it was a prerequisite for deployment. It was only a class not hands on.
Q: Where do you maintain your training records?
• A: Back at Bragg. We would use a sign-in roster.
Q: What do you use to track and account for captured personnel?
A: Biometrics database and folder on each person. Capturing unit uses a locally made DA Form 4137 and we use the receipt for Detained Persons.
Q: How to you account for money taken from captured/detained personnel?
A: The same form, DA Form 4137 is sent forward. The evidence room is the intelligence room.
Q: What do you allow a captured/detained person to keep on their person?
A: Nothing, Nothing.
Q: Does your SOP cover the 5S's?
A: No
Q: Does your SOP include the date of capture, grid coordinates of capture, and how the person was captured?
A: Yes.
Q: How do you prevent physical or mental torture or coercion of the detained person?
A: No physical abuse is allowed. We are not allowed to touch the detainee. It is not part of the interrogation.


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CJTF180-IG SUBJECT: Interview of Gereshk Detention Facility Cdr 19, 20 Feb 04
Q: If a detained person refuses to answer your questioning can you? Can you threaten the Detainee? Can you insult the Detainee?
A: Hasn't been a practice. It is unacceptable. You wouldn't be here a long time if you did.
Q: flow do you take care of the prisoners' basic needs for food, water, clothing, shelter, and medical treatment?
A: They are medically screened when we get them and we annotate their health condition. They currently are forced to use their own clothes, we have the jumpsuits.
Q: Do you keep detainees near fuel, ammo, or commo equipment?
A: No
Q: Do you believe that you are required to report acts of poor treatment of prisoners or detainees/PUCs?
A: Yes
Q: Do you know who you could report violations of prisoners' rights to?
A: Yes, the AOB at Firebase Ghecko that is our next higher command.
Q: Have you any knowledge or ever witnessed anyone murder anyone?
A: No
Q: Have you any knowledge or ever seen anyone torture or beat anyone?
A: No
Q: Have you any knowledge or ever seen anyone deprive a PUC of their 5 senses? If so, why and for how long?
A: Yes, during capture and movement. Don't use for punishment.
Q: Have you any knowledge or seen anyone cruelly treat or degrade a PUC?
A: No.
Q: How do you treat PUCs or detainees? Good/Fair/Poor?
A: Good.
Q: How do you safeguard a PUC against public curiosity? Good/Fair/Poor
A: Good. You have to be on the photo access roster in order to get near the PUC. We have a Hesco wall around the facility with a 12-foot gate and we make sure that workers are out of the area when we move them.
Q: Has anyone ever taken a picture of a PUC?
A: During in processing. If someone takes a photo, they will lose their camera or card.
Q: What is the rule for deadly for against a PUC in the event that they are escaping?
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CJTF180-IG SUBJECT: Interview of Gereshk Detention Facility Cdr 19, 20 Feb 04
A: We would use the minimum amount of force necessary. If we had to shoot, the detainee ould have to be beyond the Hesco wall of the facility and we would have to yell halt times.
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2. POC is the undersigned at
MAJ, IG CJTF180 Inspector General
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