Army Memo re: Interview of Deh Rahwood Detention Facility Commander

DoD Questionnaire: Questions for an Officer of the Deh Rahwod Detention Facility concerning his observations and experience in dealing with detainees, training before deployment and Rules of Engagement. The questionnaire appears to be in response to the accusations of detainee abuse and an effort to elicit information on the matter.

Non-legal Memo
Sunday, February 22, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

CJTF180-IG 22 February 2004
SUBJECT: Interview of Deh Rahwod Detention Facility Cdr, CPT 7 Feb 04
1. The CJTF180 IG interviewed the Deh Rahwod ODA Cdr and asked these questions
Q: Do you have a unit SOP to take, handle, and care for prisoners/detainees/PUCs?
A: Yes, using the Battalion SOP
Q: How soon do you hand over PUCs to MPs?
A: 72 hours.
Q: Is mistreatment of a PUC a Serious Incident Report (SIR)?
A: Yes, we would write a statement. We would have the doctor check him out and take photos of the injury.
Q: Did your unit train on Law of War prior to deploying or during deployment?
A: Yes, but during the Kosovo rotation we had an MRE (Mission Rehearsal Exercise), half of the MRE was training.
Q: What do you use to track and account for captured personnel?
A: We haven't taken any in yet. We can only handle 4 detainees at a time.
Q: How to you account for money taken from captured/detained personnel?
A: Give it to our evidence custodian.
Q: How do you prevent physical or mental torture or coercion of the detained person?
A: Maintain 2 people present at'all times while we have custody of a detainee.
Q: If a detained person refuses to answer your questioning can you? Can you threaten the Detainee? Can you insult the Detainee?
A: No.
Q: How do you take care of the prisoners' basic needs for food, water, clothing, shelter, and medical treatment?
A: We can give them the Halal meals, but the AMFcooks for them and brings the meals to them. We provide them 3 meals a day.
Q: Do you keep detainees near fuel, ammo, or commo equipment?
A: Yes. 'Our detainees are kept next to the ASP. The detainee facility was built prior to our arrival and the camp is very small. Plus, it would take a crane to move the ASP.
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SUBJECT: Interview of Deh Rahwod Detention Facility Cdr, 17 Feb 04

Q: Do you believe that you are required to report acts of poor treatment of prisoners or

A: Yes
Q: Have you any knowledge or ever witnessed anyone murder anyone?
A: No
Q: Have you any knowledge or ever seen anyone torture or beat anyone?
A: Heard about it during•the last rotation. We let AMF hold them on the last rotation and AMF would assault the detainees.
Q: Have you any knowledge or ever seen anyone deprive a PUC of their 5 senses? If. so, why and for how long?
A: Yes, during capture and movement. We use sandbags and goggles when available.
Q: Have you any knowledge or seen anyone cruelly treat or degrade a PUC?
A: No.
Q: How do you treat PUCs or detainees? Good/Fair/Poor?
A: Good.
Q: How do you safeguard a PUC against public curiosity? Good/Fair/Poor
A: Good. We employ a lot of LN workers on the firebase. LN workers are not supposed to see the detainees.
Q: Has anyone ever taken a picture of a PUC?
A: Not on this camp.
Q: What is the rule for deadly for against a PUC in the event that they are escaping?
A: We would use the minimum amount of force necessary. A PUC would not get past the infantry we have on post.
2. POC is the undersigned at
MAJ, IG CJTF 180 Inspector General
2916 2 DA IG