Army Memo re: Interrogation and Counter Resistance Policy

General Sanchez establishes guidlines (attached) for all interrogations and states in this memo that: the interpreters are civilians who are subject to the Geneva Conventions; the interrogation techniques are only for “security internees under the control of CJTF-7”; safeguards must be adhered to during interrogations; segregation of security internees is vital to observed; the interrogator must maintain control of the circumstances at all times; and “Nothing in [the] policy limits existing authority for maintenance of good order and discipline”.

Non-legal Memo
Sunday, October 12, 2003
Wednesday, March 2, 2005


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CombiDetJ Joinl Task.:Fmce $eYeD. la_dad" Inq 09335 el, CombiDCd Joint Talk Pctce Sev=. Bqhdad. Jnq 0!r.i3S Comm&'ada'. 2OSI:h Military IDSoDiPDCC Bripde, BapdId, 1nIq 09l3j

($I.tP,J this toemCdDdum eatabJ.ilbes tbt: inMn'OplioA ucl COUDta'-nJistqce'poIicy for ICCUricy intemees UDder the coolrOl of CJT.F-7. Securil1 inIBrDca are civiliaDl who are deWDed pw1II&Dl to ~S&ad 78 ofthe ~YICOD'lCatiOD RelaUve CO me ProtectiOQ at Civilian PcrSClIII in nme. of War of AllJUSt 12. 1~9~.Gc::acva ConwmtiOll).

2. ~I appro~the we of JpcCificd mtermpUOIl and. COUIIJUoftIiI&IDce lppIOIldleI A­
Q. u delcnOed iD EDclosme I. tel••to ICCUrity mllQ.ccl, 1IJbjcc1lO the folloMq:
~Use oftbuc a~ii limi~lD inraToptions of IItturity mtemeel under the cODl:I'Ol of em.7.

~TbcsclplX'OlCbes mUA be .-d mCOIDbi.G&ri.m with !be lIfeJUlfds deacribcc1 in EoclOl~2.

c. ~SearecaliOil of IOCwit)' mtc:mee, will be: :cqWrld ill ..,wtlDCltalD CDS\D'C the sucCCta atiDlIlIroptiolLa ud to l'd~ttbe ilwma ofinrcopticD merbadI 1m0Dl iDleI1IeeI. SettCptlcn may IlIo be DeCe.-y CO procICllOUl'CSI from 0"dIWnees or od:aef\llisa provkle foe' Cheit seCllrity. AdditioDllly, the GeGeva Cm&veariQq providA thlt ~uriEy dcfudte IUlpiQoa of &ctivity laciJe 10 the *uril)' of Co&1idOD forcea IbalJ, wbcn: absolute miIi'*'Y =-ai~rcquira••raptd04 11 MYiBI Cotfeiltld riahts ofcommullicltiO'J1. AccdiDaly, tMI&! ctcmity ~may be KPp.teCl. I mUll approve segreptiOn ill aU caIN ..,heR IUch IOII'CJlliOl'l will exceed 30 days in clurarioD. ."bccbsr (;OOSCICUti\lt:: QI' 1l00000~Yc. SlIbmit Wliaen rcqucsrs Witb I\lpp0ni.D.8.raIiaGaJG 10 i:bc c:brou&h !he C1I'P-' C2. A lep) review from Ihc CJ1?-1 SJA UlUlt lCCOmpIDy etCb. reqUMt.
• d.. ~bI ~pJoyiDl eacb of the aulharized apprce.cbel. the m&iQ~QOduol of tho iDDtOprion: no iIwm~.boukIappar CO be IbI ODe who (;onaotl all aspecu of tho mu:rrosatian. to iadudc th& ltabtiD& hutiDe _ e~tioDof Ibc iDterroptiOll roam, u well IS me food. cl~11Iaud sbelrer liveD to lbe IOCUrity iDteXee.


St."Bt.6CT: CJTF-7 Interrogation IDd CoU1ltct·~Policy
. 3. (~Rcq~mfar: 1I,Ja of ~DOC liI1ed mEKlOlW1 1 will be IUbmi1md to me tbroulb CJTF..7 ~and will iDcluck I ~of the propoIG'I ~aDCl recomme1ldcd 1Ifepant$. A le.-I review from lbe CJTF..1 Sl'A will acccmpuyeach n:quest.
.,Nothing ill this policy limiu exiJdq avtharity for Ji:W:armwace of 1004 order b4 discipline amonl peJ10D1 UDder Co&JiIiOD caalJOJ.

_ Tbil poUc)' luper.reda the cm-7 hateIrOpQQQ ad CoUlllf:l'..bsiI1aDce Palicy ligned OD 14 Seprlmbet 2003.

~pocis ______ONVT-_1.IE'DSN ___•

:2 )SQc:ls 4(:1RlCARJ:)() S. SANCHEZ
1. lDrerropticn APP'OIC be. (SI) U.ulllBlZU Ooacral. 'USA
2. Cencnl SalerlllfCll Commandiq
CP: CXIUD.IJlder, US C~tn.l Command

2 )
'.&iVR'{ltISNNf",* l
S6@'1U!:r tIQr~lU)! ()( f lNTERRO(il\ TJON Ar'ROA('HES .SOc:urily In1cmCCS)
c::. !
LL.J (~l =,oe 0 rthe apph)ac:h~ is 'l.Ibjcl:llu tt.c appli~a1.ion orthe ~CIlCn.l ~rQIIAldI provided in enclosure (2). Specitic

impl,,"nlCUll1tioD sui~n"1: widl mpcc\ 10 apJ'H'oac:hcs A-Q hI J'IfOVidcd in U.S. Army field Manual 14-52. Bri;ade CornmMdcrs
W .....
.........-m:.y J'l1'O' iduddilinnu..l implcmc1'Ul1ioll guidafltl!'.

C'./':) A. ~ircr;:l; A~i"i ~lrIigbLrorward quelliion.... The: mo.~t QN'Cf:tive orall approaches, it is the most iimplc md emden.
... ,~ appf' 14' \llilize.
A "~ B. ~Inctnli\ r!Rcmoval or I ncentivr, P'roviBinSI rewtud ~r ~rno'lliRl a privilcsc. above and ~oo.dthose n:q\lired by &ha
G~\I&C·onvenrion. PDdi~mcenrivCI may include f'lvotite. food ileitis. dIIngeI ift envi~tqtllliLy. Dr other nditio.wl or
.', .. : ::
~eil:mal ~umrOl1$ nul req,ljred by the Otnt'lll C-onvenlion•
C. ~Emoli~1 Lo~'c: Playillll)" the luyc a 5CCU'ri1)' inlel"JU!r hu (or aft individual Dr p"p. involve It! incerttiyc. such as allowill8 commllni~.tu,,'n with the individu,1 ur ,roup.
D. (.J4w, E.motional Hale: PI.yinl on Ih.t genuine hOl1rcd or dr:sirc rorrevetl8~" sccurily intcma flas rot an individual or group,
E••Fear Up Ha~h; SiJoUicanlly iDtrcil5ing the feN' level 11'1 a securily inlcmce. F. (SlINf) Ftair ,Up Mild: Moderately inc:relL~illa U!~ rNT l~v~1 in D loCCuril)' intemM.
O. ~)Rcdw:cd feaT: RcducjDllhe fear Icyel in a ~r1'yinltrnflll: ur ca.tmins rum by
convincing tin" ,hJI hI! will be property and bUIMllely ~.

H. (~)Pride and I!u-o Up: fo1allerins or booed", the cSO Qr. ,""rity int.enux:.
I. (~Pride and ~'C1 J)uwq; Afladcine or in.ullinl the pride or CID or,. security intemee.
J. (~Futility; In\'okin~ mt f.-lin. iu • 5~\lril)' inlc:mce thal it is u.clCSS10 reNt by playing
Dn &he daubtA that .Jl'Otdy t"ilit in h" mind.

K. ~We Knl)~ All: (:onV\nfin& !he aecurit)-ill.",," lbalihc intmvgllOf alroad)' knows !hc.IJIJWCIS 10 quesliont beiPI .I.ked.
L.•Gtlulilb YOur IdCIIlity: Convin6ns the 5ccuri~ inaemet d'IIl1 the incenos1tot" mistU.en lIw: seclD'il)' inlem;e ror 'iomCU11C el!ic. The security lnl~m« is encolll'qed IQ "clear hiI nalnlC."
M. (~Rep&titiQn: ~'onlinUOllSly .....tiDB till: same queslion UJ !he securllY iaremee duriqll irMetToplion to encourage rWl
and clllndid ilUWI:I'I 10 quntions.
N. ~File and DoMir:r: COOllincinc ~uril)' inltmee (h.t the interroplOr .... .,hich nu'!.;l be eo"ftted by EM aocuril1 inlenlOe.
EneICIl'" I

~orumiDou.l, damnilll-aW inlCC'Uft~ file,
MAR-25-2005 16:00
.sr;(°trlfiF W9Fun....""... aeNEAAZt SAFEGC1AAOS
~lA.",licalicUl u(thcsc inlCQ1.)glniOl'l appfO~hes illlubjCC' to the following KeReral safcaUlrds:
(i) Ii miled \0 use b)' Ltainod iftlerrQSatlon personnel; (ii) there ill • rcalORlbtc /;JQiJ 10 believe that the sccwi', intetwtee possesses informllllion otinlcllils:n4:~ v.lue: (iii) lht 5C("rjl~ inb:l"1lCe is medically CYll\1fI11'd .,• slIiUlble emdidaM fbr ilStemJption (eonsicl:finr: all.rrU01Ch~ to be used in cocnbinllioft): (iv) intcn'OAIlfotS arc specifiClilly Q'IIlned for the apprOlChCl~ (v) • specific UUtrTUllstlon .,Iln. includina ~...~onablc weauard,.limiis on duralion. iluervals bt1wad appliuliuns.olcrrnnllon ..:riteria ilnd the protenCe ,'ravailabilil.y crq~alified medic:tlpersonncl has beta devclopod~ and (vi) lJI," is ilPprQprillO ~pl:rvi=,ion.
fUl 'bc purpDSl!' ()f all ;t)u:NiCWli lind it'1te(l1)p11ons is lb get Ule mosllntonnalioD from' securily inlemee with tt-c Ieu\ inbusivc mglhod. :lppliod m. humane ilnd lllwfl.ll mannerwlLh sull'icleql ovcniglll by trained it)\I~11tOn Dr in&errogarors. JnICrroplOrS and =lup!rviS('IIY pcl'loL1nll~l will elUiun: unirmn. cilTCtul. anc! Em eOl\duCl otintcrropuOftl..
(.JL,.,.lnLCrtOCiltiurui mbSl.tlwl)'li he planned. ~I;bcrale ~tiOllS lbatlakr inl0 Iccounl faelors such as I security idtctnee'l
C'IlnC1)t .lnd pa.( plrfum'll&J1Ce ill bo1h dc~nliOl\ and intaToptiOD; , K~ri'yintern"". em&tiontl and ph)'5icaJ s1fen&tbs
w"..knclt1tI: I!se$!.",enl ofapprolCM1; and
individlJ:lI toCM14uei rhal "'laY be efTective; $lrertglM and wc.knessetl afilJlC'n'Optort; and factors ~hiel1 may nec:eosillt. the
lIuamcrlllllion (lfptrSMne-1.
~IntcrropLiun 'PPl'Oilchc:s are delianccl to manipul~»eCUtity inrcrnce's etnOtiOM 1M, M:a.latesses to 8Ilill hi. wiUin,r ..:oornlion. Interroption op-rarioa& an: never COIWIuctcd 1n I ntUllm; they an: conducled iD clase cooperation with thtl dct.ilJing unit!;. O.:\entiOll rc.,:ulalioll51\nd policics establi.dted by detaiDilil uniIi .hould be ~lzcdto eDll.ln: COI\Iilaacy w;1h 1M inlCrrol~uic:m policic,. or lJIe inIeJli;e",,'e co~tion tblil Such COftaisl.t::ncy ..,iD help to muimize lhe ~bilityQf Ibc interroatljon IeJm ancllbe ttT.ctivcne...." or the in~rroption. Stril;l .cIberenee ao JUcb re~lions. polici~ and SWMJard "P'II_. pnacedures il ehmli.:.
~'nttrTOJilors m\.lll __10 c:omph:tcly COI1D'Ollhe iU1m'O"liOl'l mvinmmenL It is UnporUnl1h•• inlenoptDII be pro~idcIJ JU$Ol1Iblr latilude lO vary appt'O~dcpladins on Ihe
5CCurh)' IRremec:', cultural btlckeround. SlJeJ1Jth•• weaknesses. t:avhvnmenl. cr.1.cn1 OfJ9s.WlCI uaiDiftl. IS well IS the UIIency wilh whICh inrOl'lrullll)n believed in the PO'StuiOl1 "rthe ~uri'}' intemcc must be obtaiDed.
~tnlenogalotC mu.d CTlIU,., the 1&(01)' ofSCCurily iDlCl"DCC5, and awrmches must iu 110 Wl)' fmdanpl'them. lnaerropton will alSUI'C .lllll( acurhy inltttJtes IIlC ,tJOllled adoqu:ue sleepj .nd lhal diell provide adequate food .ncI wale&' and gluse ftC .d"·cl'I'J;e mcdiea' I)r cullural efTe&."tJ. Where St8JC1alion is nc:x:euary. 'CCur1ty inte:mCCl must be monitored fbradvcrse dedical (IT Plychol(.gical real:l1OQK. SJw)lIld militaty working dOli be pratnl dwinl iDlerropriou, tbI:y will be mU2Zlcd and UDder eontml tlf a handler at a.ll times", "'TI,;U~ ":l.r~:1.)'.
~While appTlJIIOhcs are considered individually within thit analysil. it I\'W.Jt be Ilnderttoocl lhll in prtl!:bce••pptaaches 1ft usually ~in tom,iaation, The title of. panicuW apprOIICb is nol alway. fWl)' dacripli\'C ofI
partic:u1ar approada. The l;\llDuJlli\re etreel of all ~to be employed nmt bll: ccmsidered bcf'ore Ill)' ••ion is made reprding appro\'.J .IfiI partlc;ular inlam)pClon plan,


'_,"A~i:rI1:pIOn)AtI'IX I
O. ~)MLlII ant.! J~m AI1 ir\lortOl.lliun (cam L"'Oru;iJltin, or. friendly and a Imnih interTQ;Jror, Thi. approach i.s desiaar:d 10 callS~ 1hc.·lItlCurily rnlcrnec IQ h.~~reeling orooliilihty loward OIW inlCTToptor Ind a feelinl of smbLI.Idc: klw,rd Ihc other.
P. ~)RiJpid fin:; Qucsaionlng in 1l1Pid sl.l~";lon whlloUl allowing sccLlrity incemee to an'wcr quts1i0ll5 r"l1y.
o. CsMaw) Sileoc:c, Slirintl al lbe lecutil), irnern!e Iu enc:a\lI1lSC discotnrcn.
5E€'RB", ,.J9Fell)lqX l Ea\clClNn' I