Army Memo re: Inspector General Questionnaire for Soldiers of Ghecko Forward Collection Point

Army Questionnaire: Questions for the for Soldiers of Ghecko Forward Collection Point concerning their observations and experience in dealing with detainees, training before deployment and Rules of Engagement. The questionnaire appears to be in response to the accusations of detainee abuse and an effort to elicit information on the matter.

Non-legal Memo
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pape 318
APO AE 09354


CJTF-180-IG. 18 FEB 04
MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, CJTF-180, Bagram, Afghanistan, APO AE 09354
SUBJECT: Inspector General Sensing Session, Ghecko Forward Collection Point 16
Feb 04

The CJTF-180 IG conducted a sensing session of ODB320 as part of an inspection on detainee operations on 16 February 2004. The sensing session consisted of only 1 group of 3 NCOs. Everyone else was out conducting operations. These comments are perceptions of soldiers who participated and are not necessarily founded facts.

Sensing Session Group 9 — NCOs. The first sensing session was for Noncommissioned Officers.

Question #1 Do you have a unit SOP to take, handle, and care for detainees/PUCs?
A: 3 of 3 said yes that they have seen their SOP.
Question #2 How quickly do you hand over PUCs to MPs?
We haven't done it.

Question #3 Is mistreatment of a PUC an SIR?

3 of 3 replied that mistreatment of a PUC was an SIR and that whoever witnessed it would initiate the SIR.

Question #4 Did your unit train on Law of War prior to deploying or during deployment?
A: 3 of 3 stated yes twice in the last year prior to deployment at Fort Bragg the Group SJA. Training records are kept by the person who administers the training.
Question #5 What do you use to track and account for captured personnel?
A: All are familiar with the system. They have detainee message logs, track the detainees through the computer. They have fingerprints, iris scans. They know how
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AFZS-IG (20)
SUBJECT: Inspector General Sensing Session, Ghecko Forward Collection Point 16
Feb 04
much food, water, and number of meals they have to serve. Every 20 minutes they will make a visual check if they had prisoners.
Question #6 How do you account for money taken from captured/detained personnel? Done by supply, they fill out a DA Form 4137.
A: Everything we have we inventory. A warrant officer is the Evidence custodian and the Operations Center has limited access.
Question #7 What do you allow a captured/detained person to keep on their person?
A: Goggles and ear muffs.
Question #8 Do you tag captured or detained persons or their property?
A: Yes, we use EPW tags.
Question #9 Does your SOP cover the 5s? What do you consider an item of
A: Yes. We consider money, documents, and passports as key intelligence items.
Question #10 How do you prevent physical or mental torture or coercion of the
detained person?
A: Through training and follow-up on the detainees. We treat them the way we want to be treated. Give him food and water. Don't show him people eating pork.
Question #11 If a detained person refuses to answer your questioning can threaten the Detainee? Can you insult the Detainee?
A: 3 of 3 NCOs replied No, that it was the interrogators purview.
Question #12 How do you take care of the prisoners basic needs for food, water, clothing, shelter, and medical treatment?
Whatever we get they get. Water is available at all times. We clean him up and give him the man-dresses. Interpreters will buy him clothes if he has soiled his.

3 of 3 replied yes.

Question #13 Do you believe that you are required to report acts of poor treatment of a detainee or a PUC?
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3 978


Page 320
AFZS-IG (20)
SUBJECT: Inspector General Sensing Session, Ghecko Forward Collection Point 16

Feb 04

Question #14 Do you knoW who you could report violations of prisoners' rights to?

A: All Soldiers knew that they could report violations to their chain of command or to IG or SJA.
Question #15 Has anyone ever witnessed anyone murder anyone?
A: 3 of 3 NCOs replied No.
Question #16 Have you ever seen anyone torture or beat anyone? 3 of•3.NCOs replied No.
Question #17 Has anyone seen anyone cruelly treat or degrade a PUC? 3 of 3 NCOs replied No.
Question #18 How do you treat PUCs or detainees? Good/Fair/Poor? 3 of 3 NCOs felt that they treated PUCs good. One said better than good. The PUCs are allowed to eat, out of the weather, and are given a blanket.
Question #19 How do you safeguard a PUC against public curiosity? 3 of 3 NCOs felt that they did this good. The location of the facility is isolated from the public and it is a restricted area.
Question #20 What is the rule for deadly force against a PUC in the event that they are escaping? If life is threatened.
3. Point of contact is the undersigned at DSN .or
MAJ, IG CJTF-180 Inspector General
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