Army Investigation re: Allegations of Detainee Abuse and Mock Executions

Description of allegations of two occasions in which soldiers used "mock executions" as scare tactics when dealing with Iraqi detainees. On the first occasion, an Iraqi boy was threatened with a loaded weapon, which was discharged immediately to the right of his head. Incident was described as street justice. On the second incident, a father and his two sons were caught looting. One son was taken around the corner of a building and shot at to make the father believe that he had been killed. The soldiers involved are also accused of perjuring themselves.

Investigative File
Wednesday, June 4, 2003
Sunday, May 15, 2005

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1-325 Allegations of "Mock Executions"
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232246June03,0M1111.3BCT Trial Counsel TO: 3BCT CDR, SJA, DSJA, 1ad_sja_toc_ops@DMAINS.D1A.C5.ARMY.SMILMIL
I conducted a review of all statements pertaining to allegations of misconduct and maltreatment of detainees by member of C Company, 1-325 in the 3 BCT sector. These allegations originated from a statement made by PFC gab that "mock executions" were taking place by members of his chain of command.

I reviewed statements fro more than 30 soldiers taken by the company
commander, CPT resulting from a commander's inquiry. All
soldiers were read their rights prior to giving statements. The primary
suspects, LTVIIIMM SGT egial and SGT executed DA3881s
(Rights Warning) prior to making statements.
The statements revolve around 2 primary incidents. On 20 June vicinity
Zone 45 LT allegedly took a detainee, a boy, from his truck and
brought him to the front of the truck. SPC111111111states that he saw LT

WINPput a gun to his head, whisper something in his ear, and then
move the barrel to the right of his head and discharge his weapon. SPC

and several other witnesses confirm they heard a shot fired
and then the boy was released. PFC saw LT afire a round
next to the boy. LT.11111111ipstates he was firing at wild dogs that were
threatening him. SGT iis the only soldier who reports hearing
wild dogs in the area, whereas more than 6 soldiers denied hearing dogs
in the immediate vicinity. Multiple witnesses have heard LT fire
warning shots in order to deter looters. SGT reported that LT

_"feels good when he scares people." The company commander's
assessment is that LT has been operating outside the sphere of
his command guidance. For instance, he failed to maintain communication
with the commander over a period of days although he apparently should
have been able to maintain adequate communication with the company cp
from zone 45. LT 'apparent desire to administer "street
justice" was evident from the statements of junior enlisted soldiers in
the unit who stated they routinely fired warning shots. SPC
fired an M203 smoke around to the front of fleeing looters at the
direction of his chain of command

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„.....0,_ •The second incident involves SGT Immung B Co 70th Engineers. A father and his two sons were apprehended while looting. The man spoke „ English. SGT proceeded to engage him in conversation and ' -I aasked him such questions as, "What if one of your sons was killed" as a result of your criminal activity. SGTIOMISIMPtook one of the boys around the side of a building outside of the view of the father and allegedly fired a shot in the air intending to scare the father. PFC reported knowledge of Sikh ttivity arid implicated SGT.11.111111.6

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httn:// 6/24/2003
DOD 006927

in taking an Iraqi behind a building to scare him. SGTAIN.Preports (5)— Ib (57) -2_
that SGT—reported to him that he (SGT1.11.1.11. had pointed
a weapon at a family to scare them. SGTIIIIIIIMB states that he saw SGT +4 — el/
111MOStake a boy around the side of the building and then heard a b/ (,) - .5—
shot. SGT

later a peared with the boy and said he fired a
warning shot. SGT
states he fired a warning shot when the_122.y
attempted to flee. .11.11111.1111111111.11.11111.. SPC41111. reports that 6 57-
SGT told him (spcal) we should act like we are oing to
shoot them (Iraqis).

i37 .R
was present and directly involved during both incidents. In regards to the 20 June alleged mock execution by LT MM SGT alleMstates that he took the detainee to LT
who he thought
intended to release the boy. He turned away; heard a shot fired and ran
to LT

who told him a dog tried to bite him. In regards to the 22
June SGT

incident, SGT
reports that he reported to LT 11111111.and asked him if he wanted the father and 2 sons released. LT= replied, "Are they crying yet?" They were detained until LT
arrived onsite. Subsequently SG
-1111111111.took one of the boys
around the corner and then SGT

heard a shot fired. When SGT 41.11111011returned he reported that he had fired a warning shot. The three individuals statements
) bear a
remarkable consistency indicating that t ey are either instinctively
covering for each other or are telling the truth. There is probable
cause to believe that either SGT —a

was directly involved in the
misconduct or perjured himself in his statements.

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