Army Interview of Official re: Detainee's injuries

<p>The interview of an official regarding injuries a civilian detainee sustained. The official responded to approximately six questions regarding the source of the detainee's injuries. The official stated that sometime in November 2003 the detainee was questioned by a Captain with Alpha Company, 588th Engineer Battalion, the detainee was then taken on a mission with a Captain Hall to help identify targets. When the detainee returned from the mission he had a cut above his left eye, which was not present when he left for the mission.</p>

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Monday, January 1, 2007

Findin-cis (Appd;iniment Letter Dated 25 November 2003) .As of 4 DEC 03, -What if any possible offenses occurred which violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice? Answer: None. The injury to _ head, cut under left eye;-oc,curred when he•was being removed from the vehicle outside the Warhorse Detention Facility. The incident was an accident as stated in sworn statements by two soldiers and confirmed by_ during an interview. -Which individuals questioned the civilian detainee during that period of time? Answer: CPT_. Alpha Company, 588 th Engineer Battalion, questioned the individual at 230500CNOV03 at the Badger Detention Facility on FOB Gabe. The detainee was then taken on a Mission to help identify targets by CPT Hall at 230630CNOV03. -Who acted as the interpreter? Answer: Either_orM the interpreters used by Alpha Company, 588 th Engineer Battalion. -Which leaders fro the unit were present? Answer: CPT _questioned the detainee_at FOB Gabe and took the dtainee out on a mission to identify possible targets. SFC was the NCOIC of the detail that brought the detainee back to Warhorse Detention Facility. -Which leaders kne -w why he was taken out and questioned? Answer: CPT -What was the medical condition of the detainee once he left the detention center and following his return? Answer: The detainee had no apparent injuries when he was removed from the detention center, and had a cut above the left eye when he was returned. -Who had knowledge of His medical condition when he left the detention center and when he returned? Answer: SSG_NCOIC of the Warhorse Detention Center signed the prisoners out to A Co, 588 th Engineer Battalion at 221756CNOV03. SSG was also present when the detainee was brought back to the detention facility at 241715CNOV03. SSG_noticed the injury to the detainee and directed pictures _be taken and the detainee be taken to E./204 th FSB for treatment. DOD FINALL 231 DOD 57818