Army Information Packet: The Army Reserve Serving with an Army at War

This single page is a cover page for a larger document entitled: The Army Reserve Serving with an Army at War. It discusses the Abu Ghraib Detainee abuse.

Monday, May 17, 2004
Sunday, January 30, 2005

Office of the Chief, Army Reserve Strategic Communications
Information PacketL
17 May 2004
The Army Reserve is continually changing to meet the challenges of the 21 s1 Century — ensuring we sustain and strengthen the skills necessary to support the Army and defend the nation's interests. The Army Reserve Strategic Communications Team develops, synchronizes and conveys messages to inform internal and external audiences on significant Army Reserve events and developments that impact the Army Reserve .
The Army Reserve Serving with an Army at War
Abu Ghraib Detainee Abuse
The Army is a values-based organization committed to respecting and adhering to international and U.S. laws and standards pertaining to our military operations. The Army Reserve is totally committed these values and to providing trained and ready soldiers for the Global War on Terror. The allegations as to what occurred at this prison are not indicative of the outstanding service of the other 210 ; 000 Army Reserve Soldiers serving their nation. We have included a letter from LTG Helmly on leadership and various statements on issues pertaining to this situation.
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Table of Contents
1. LTG Helmly Memo to Army Reserve Soldiers
USAR PAG and Statement on Army Reserve's Position on Current Situation.

Statement on Army Reserve's Military Police Training

Statement on Army Reserve's Training Assessment

OSD Public Affairs — Current Talking Points

Update on Operation Iraqi Freedom — Examples of Success.

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