Army Foreign Claims Commission Form by Iraqi colonel for alleged abuse at Camp Poko, Iraq

<p>A claims form (and follow-up memorandum) submitted to the U.S. Army Foreign Claims Commission by an Iraqi colonel who claims he suffered a broken leg and injured elbow from abuse and torture at Camp Poko. The follow-up memorandum recommended that the claim be forwarded to the branch responsible for Camp Poko for &quot;further investigation and final resolution.&quot;</p>

Sunday, April 6, 2003
Sunday, February 27, 2005

• pc) Claims Form To: United States Army Forei n Claims Commission. From: Name: Address: 31,..6,,,A I am a. A citizen and national of: b. A permanent resident of : c. Employed by: d. Check one ( ) An insurer ( ) Not an insurer e. Check one ( ) A subrogee ( ) Not a subrogee I hereby make a claim against the United States Government for damages or injuries caused by: (Name, Organization, Military Department, Address, Telephone Number) F„;1)/ in ei, 6ec The property damaged is owned by: (If the claim is made as an agent, parent, or guardian, attach a power of attorney or other evidence of authority and fill in the form below for party sustaining the damage or injuries.) My claim arose at: Fl.kaz (Town) (City) (Country) My claim arose on: 2 Z. frkec- co3 0-",..4-1 1117 Pl e ,..41 Month Day Year Give a brief statement of the accident or incident on which the claim for damages to property or for personal injury is based. (Use back of this sheet if necessary.) LA-) a 1zs i (11.5 cv-Victyt 4.3 cA-6-a ke et be w s4E= (-\. vSkA CZ.Lerh:le¦ w424 s4A-Iss r .14.r5 kecassf___ cf,cc.lvcS-LIAA:414-- was al- c_o lc5 r, I DonnnA 1199ROR