Appendix A excerpt of: Special Review: Counterterrorism Detention and Interrogation Activities (Office of Inspector General, CIA)

<p>This documents is Appendix A of the CIA's Special Review. &nbsp;It describes the procedures and resources for the drafting of the Special review.</p>

Oversight Report
Friday, May 7, 2004
Friday, August 13, 2004

PROCEDURES AND RESOURCES 1. (Tf-J74/11/MII) A team, led by the Deputy Inspector General, and comprising the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, the Counsel to the Inspector General, a senior Investigations Staff Manager, three Investigators, two Inspectors, an Auditor, a Research Assistant, and a Secretary participated in this Review. 2. t-T-S-i/MIMI) OIG tasked relevant components for all information regarding the treatment and interrogation of all individuals detained by or on behalf of CIA after 9/11. Agency components provided OIG with over 38,000 pages of documents. OIG conducted over 100 interviews with individuals who possessed potentially relevant information. We interviewed senior Agency management officials, including the DCI, the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, the Executive Director, the General Counsel, and the Deputy Director for Operations. As new information developed, OIG re-interviewed several individuals. ) OIG personnel made site visits to the terrogation facilities. OIG personnel also o review livideotapes of interrogations * CIA 149